One Month Later


Yeah, I'm still working on this project.  I think it just took me awhile to A) Get some inspiration / motivation and B) Get the right color scheme.

So this is what I've chosen for my office.  The walls are going to be Martha Stewart's Eggplant.  My woodwork is all Behr's Ultra Bright White.  The back panel of my bookshelf is Behr's Retro Avocado.  The blue is Martha Stewart's Plumage, which is going to be integrated somehow.  The silvery tone, Martha Stewart's Tin, will most likely be put on a piece of furniture.  The fabrics (from Hancock Fabrics) will be integrated either as new chair padding on my desk chair, curtains, or throw pillows.  I'm honestly leaning towards the hounds tooth for the chair, and the gray and white for curtains.  

We'll see!  I better get to it.  I'll never finish at this rate.  Be on the look out for before and after photos.  

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