My Purple Problems


I guess you have it pretty good when your biggest issue is picking the perfect shade of purple.  Hum.

Anyway.  I am picking out a purple color for my office.  It's a small room with three windows and a big built in book shelf.  I kind of want the room to feel cozy, grown up, and clean.  So far the plan is to paint all the woodwork semi-gloss bright white, the book case bright white, and then continue to use my white desk.  I have also thought about bringing in some ochre, and a neutral gray (possibly).

So help me pick one out!  Let me name them starting from the top left swatch and going clockwise:

1) Blueberry Pie (Martha Stewart)
2) Eggplant (Martha Stewart)
3)Purple Basil (Martha Stewart)
4) Purple Rain (Benjamin Moore)

I do have two favorites, but I'd rather not divulge that information.   Leave a comment with your vote.

Disclaimer:  The swatches on the wall were taken mid-afternoon.  Blueberry pie is more intense in other parts of the day, and purple basil is more of a red-violet.  Googling Martha Stewart Paints may give you a better idea of what they look like in real life.


Alicia said...

Top left and Top right! Top right is my fav!

KarenB said...

Well, it's so hard to tell on my computer. The lower two seem to bright, too much purple. Of the upper two, the right one looks gray, like Rachael's bedroom which has a purple cast. The left one looks almost black on my computer. I guess I'd vote for the upper right one without being able to see them in person.

KarenB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KarenB said...

Your comment set up is C R A Z Y! Sorry for the repetition.

redmenace said...

I like the purple basil. So pretty! I know how hard it is to pick colors. I do this very same thing. Sometimes, I buy yolo colorhouse swatches. It's cool that you can just tape them up to the wall and look at them. However, they don't always have all the colors you might want. Boo :(

Wendy said...

Just finished painting my white bathroom purple basil and it is gorgeous. Wish I could attach a pic.


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