Lessons I've Learned From Being a "Professional" DIYer


The Money Pit 1986

This list needs no introduction.

1.  The Money Pit is for realz:  I walked into my house and thought.. "This won't be too bad, maybe 10 grand tops".  HA! If I could kick my former self in the butt, I would.  Rotten floors, saggy dry wall, bad electrical, a hole in the roof and a foundation that tilts??? Ten grand my butt.

2.  You'll know you married the right guy when you do a home reno:  Seriously, I think my marriage could withstand a nuclear holocaust.  

2.  Don't take anything at face value:  Do yourself a favor, look behind that bathroom vanity before you think the bathroom redo will be super easy.  

3. Tarps are your friend: You'll figure that out quickly when you spill an entire gallon of white latex paint on your hardwood floors.

4.  There are only two types of real motivation:  The weather and your parents coming to town.  Funny how things get finished when you don't have any choice.

5. You'll absolutely detest the former home owners:  Yes.  Whoever decided to paint all the register covers without taking them off the wall.  I'll find you.

6.  No matter how much space you think you have, you'll fill it up:  Can anyone say yard sale?

7. Good friends grout:  Thanks Joe.

8.  Listening to Marvin Gaye on Pandora helps you paint faster:  No joke.

9. Dogs live to break your antiques:  Thanks Shadow.  Momma loves you.

10.  No matter how much you pre-plan, you'll always want to change something:   The new white desk in my room isn't white enough.  I wish I hadn't used so much blue and I already redid my master bedroom.  Just sayin'.

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KarenB said...

Okay, so what's behind the bathroom vanity? Your parents are coming in two weeks. ;-) And, what did Shadow break?


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