He's So Fly


Say hello to Mr. B, my oldest furbaby.  I had two days of vacation to kill so I decided to knit him a little sweater out of some yarn in my stash.  I have to admit, the yarn is gross.  It's like this faux suede junk.  The texture was awful to work with and I'm pretty sure I'm going to give the other skein and a half away.  The pattern I used also did not work out.  My boy is pretty husky in the shoulders and upper rib cage, so this sweater ended up being one big experiment.  Oh well, he's a dog and he doesn't have a say in what clothes I put on him.  Oh the joy of being a dog mother.

Here is the pattern it is based off of.  I used Lion Brand Lion Suede.  I'll never use it again.  Ugh! 

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KarenB said...

I can't tell if that's a smile or a grimace. Oh yea, that's the way he usually looks. ;-) It's cute and he looks fabulous!


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