It's A New Dawn, A New Day

This is the view from my parents house.  No really!

So, I'm really starting to believe that years go faster the older you get.  I feel like we just started 2011 and that we've just moved into this house.  In reality, we're only a few months from spending our second year on Lawrence Ave.  Insane.  

This last year has been full of ups and downs.  Job loss and recovery, graduation from KU, visiting family, never ending house projects, and it goes on and on.  I'm so happy that we have made it this far.  Life is good (as cheesy as that sounds) and we're stronger than ever.  

Anyway!  The last week we spent in So. Cal at my parents' new home.  It is beautiful and the view is unbelievable.  I took some photos of the trip and I'll be sharing them throughout the next week or so. 

 While we were there we went to Disney Land and downtown Temecula, we also read a lot and met some of their new neighbors.  Honestly, you should really see their "neighborhood".  I'm using quotations because the houses are so spread apart that it's almost like living on a small homestead.  There were cows, horses, llamas and all sorts of other animals.  Some houses even had orchards and vineyards.  It really fueled my desire to do more outside.  My chickens are one thing, but I need to start being serious about gardening.  This brings me to my next point.... In honor of the new year, I though I'd share my resolutions.

1. Keep a garden, and keep it well.
2. Finish some more house projects
3.  Learn to make cheese, salamis and what not.
4.  Focus on quality "clean eating" and consuming more vegetables
5.  Keep up my blog

This little blog may be going through some changes soon.  I've realized that while my home is incredibly important to me, my real passion lies in cooking.  I firmly believe that quality, time and love taste better.   Soon I will be posting more about food, kitchen essentials, recipe reviews and so forth.  While, I am a novice at recipe creation, I hope that what I do know will be beneficial to my small group of readers.

In all of this I have one thing to say..  You only have one life: experience, create, and truly live.  Risk opens doors; trials and tribulations create character.  

Happy New Year!

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