Spring Fever Already??

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Maybe it's because I spent five days in sunny California, or maybe it's because Kansas has yet to have any sort of snow storm, but I already have spring fever.  (How was that for an extra long sentence??)
I can't help but think about landscaping ideas, and gardening ideas even though it's usually around 30 degrees F here.  Total wishful thinking.

Anyway, here's my gardening wish list:

(is that how you spell that??)
New lighting in the front yard
Fix the edging around the raised beds in the front yard
Rip out the remaining ground cover in the front yard

Herb garden with tarragon, basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint and whatever else I can find
Tomatoes (3 varieties)
Greens of all sorts
Grape vines near the coop
 Gourds possibly

I really want mostly herbs and greens.  We really don't have a large garden area and I'd love to change that, but we'll see what time and life permits.

Anyone else have spring fever yet?

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