Mellow Monday

So nothing too exciting happened this weekend. Actually nothing at all. We spent it just relaxing. On Sunday I ended up cooking our Thanksgiving dinner finally. (I had purchased the ingredients to make "leftovers" but ended up having to thaw the bird out a lot longer than I anticipated). I also finished painting the walls in the kitchen. Jeff started the cabinet doors so hopefully those will be done this week. I also knitted this headband:

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Though, because my hair is so short I get REALLY bad hat head; therefore it ain't coming off.

Today I'm hoping to finish the other side of the upper kitchen cabinets, oh, and start working on christmas presents. I have some great ideas. I do want to warn all of my family that your gifts will most likely be handmade, unless you asked for something incredibly specific.

Anyway, hope your Monday isn't quite so.... Monday-like.

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