Finally! Our Kitchen Paint Color

Here it is! Well, a peek at least. This color is named Downpipe, a shade created by Farrow and Ball. Of course, I can't afford Farrow and Ball so we had it color matched. We also are replacing all of the baseboard which you can see in this photo. Of course now we have to repaint ALL of the woodwork.. bleck. I promise that when its all done I will show more photos, I just don't want to give the "full effect" until there is actually a "full effect". So no cabinets or woodwork until I actually paint them. HA! Okay, really, the cabinets look yellow now. So gross. Anyway! I told you it was different than where we were going. It's gorgeous, and so clean looking. Oh, and because this is a photo I should mention that its charcoal gray, not black. No freaking out Mom. K! Happy Thursday!

One more!


jessica said...

i LOVE this color!!!

maggie grace said...

oooh i like this a LOT

KarenB said...

Is this chalkboard paint? This is what I thought you were going to do on this wall. So, where's the big surprise? ;-)

Lauren said...

its not chalkboard paint


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