Obsessed: FiestaWare

I apologize for not being around the last two days. I've been finishing up a really boring paper for a really boring class. For my first post this week I thought I'd show you what I did when I was procrastinating. I've been shopping for FiestaWare. I've always seen it in stores and antique shops, but now that I really want to collect more dishes this line has been calling my name. I'm even trying to talk Jeff into going to their tent sale during June. The factory is in West Virginia by the way. I'm going to have to bribe him I think.

I can't decide which colors are my favorite. Right now I like: Sunflower, Peacock, Shamrock, Lemongrass and Turquoise. Then again, the butter dish looks seriously cute in scarlet. I don't think this line was ever created to pick just one color, its just not possible. The only thing that will force me to choose is Jeff's opinion. He's a great editor.

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