DIY Dreamin'

Something I've always (well at least since I've become an adult) wanted to learn to do is to quilt. My mother has tried, albeit unsuccessfully (love you!), so I'm honestly a little frightened of it. I think I might just do it. My neighbor is pregnant with her first child and it would be a perfect opportunity to learn. A crib quilt is pretty small! Right? Maybe I'll just start with a crib size and then graduate to twin, full and so on. No king size, no way jose. So if there are any seasoned quilters out there, anything you wish you had known before you started? I'd like to say that I'm going to be awesome and do it the old-school way, by hand, but that just is unrealistic. My machine and I are BFFs.

Maybe next time I post a photo of a quilt it will be mind....... I'm subtly, and sarcastically, laughing in my head. Bwa ha ha...

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KarenB said...

Hey, I can pick out a good quilt pattern and buy really great combinations of fabric to make it out of. It's just the completion that I have trouble with. And, and I HAVE made and finished a sweater, or two, btw!!!


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