Indecision Tuesday

I finally got all my grades for last semester today! They turned out to be pretty dang good if I do say so myself. As a reward I thought I'd use my $30 in Amazon gift cards which I earned from Swag Bucks. Therefore I'd like to use it towards a gift for myself. I know, this is the equivalent of your parents taking you to McDonald's after a good report card, but I don't care! So I can't decide between these two things. I'm leaning towards the butter dish but I'd have to pay for the shipping if I did it. I also really like the colors scarlet, peacock and shamrock. I need someone to help me decide! What would you get and which of those colors do you like best?


KarenB said...

Definitely the butter dish. Love the red with your decor. Great job, sweetheart! We've got some exciting news coming over here. I'll send you pictures.

wishful nals said...

ooh, love the colors!


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