New Project!

Okay, yeah.. I am the QUEEN of un-started/unfinished projects. Now, I have no excuse. I'm on break and there is only so much T.V that a person should watch. As we speak I am about to prep those two dining room chairs for a coat of paint (no not the ones I already did, two more).

Over Christmas my M.I.L allowed me to take this mirror home with me. She has some awesome stuff in her basement by the way. So here it is! It seems to have a coat of bronze paint on it, and the mirror is pretty old. I am going to keep the old glass, I love that, but the paint has got to go. I may be putting it in my bedroom so I really need to think about color! Whatever it is, it's going to be high gloss. I just cannot live without a little high gloss in my life. So what do you think? White, yellow? It needs to either be a warm color or a neutral, though my mind cannot stop thinking about an amazing kelly green shade. Eh, I'm not so sure that that would be a good idea for the bedroom. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm really stoked! Hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of break!


KarenB said...

That could be really fun!

Emmalee said...

Wow! I love this mirror and I want it to be white. Only because I am looking for the same type of mirror to paint white to hang in my bedroom, which is a terracotta color and white with blue accents. Tell me you painted it a high gloss white!


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