Kitchen Renovation: Day Two-Four

By popular demand (and because I want to) I am about to overload you with a ton of photos from the renovation. A lot has happened in the last few days and while there is a ton more to do, it's way exciting. We now have countertops, up to code electrical wires, level cabinets and by tonight new plumbing. After this it's downhill, tiling, painting and installing pendant lamps and roasting a chicken in the oven.

The floor had to be ripped all the way down to the joists due to water damage and so forth. At this point Jeff was also able to rewire most of the awful electrical.

All of our appliances are in the living room. It's so weird to get a glass of milk from the fridge now. I really feel like I'm living in the dorms again.

Of course, Shadow was a good helper. Good news! His cone is finally off!

And now the pretty part! The countertops! They're gorgeous granite and there's even flecks of silver in them. I can't stop looking at them and touching them. Notice our single bowled sink and new faucet. Love love love.

The only seam in the granite. It's so tiny that you cannot see it unless you look up close like this. Notice the cool texture of the granite. So pretty.

This looks to be the color scheme we've settled on. The cabinets will be the gray color in a semi-gloss, the walls will be white. The furniture is already painted that light yellow and the mustard will be used in the back of two cabinets which will serve as display for dishes and cookbooks. One wall will be painted in chalkboard paint. It's a medium gray, not a true black. I felt like the black would be too much and wouldn't show the definition of the chandelier while looking towards that wall. It also looks fantastic with the blue color we chose for the living room. I'm adamant that color must flow and be cohesive within the house. If you can see the hall from the bedroom door it just shouldn't clash.

I will also be posting my thursday trend entry. Keep a look out!


KarenB said...

It's SO EXCITING! I didn't realize that you had to take the subfloor off. But, that gave Jeff the opportunity to upgrade things. So fun! Can't wait to see the finished product. I think the granite is gorgeous, and the sink and the faucet.

KansasMarney said...

Wow,Lauren it is beautiful! Amazing how much you are getting done and not just surface stuff. You have a wonderful husband too - so talented. Blessings on you both. I love the chandeliers. Awesome stuff!


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