I thought I might start to list the colors we choose as we paint. Mainly to establish our color palette, but also to create a "inspiration board" if you will. I would really like to repeat some of these in the remainder of our house to create a sense of continuity. The only issue with this is the feel of the downstairs is completely different from the upstairs since it is mostly underground and darker. The upstairs feels light and airy, and I'm not sure it will translate in a basement.
Here we go:

In the Master Bedroom: Martha Stewart's Opal

In the Master Bath: Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray. I may reuse this in the kitchen

In the Living Room: Benjamin Moore's Covington Blue. The mantel is painted with Martha Stewart's Picket Fence

The hallways are painted with Martha Stewart's Whetstone Gray. This color will be repeated on the opposite walls of the Living Room which has the blue wall and white hearth.

The Guest Room: Martha Stewart's Sultana

I'm really loving the way our house is growing. It seems to have more character than our last house even though I loved that little place. Also, you can tell I'm slightly obsessed with the Martha Stewart color range. It has so much more depth than the Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Valspar colors do. Where else can you find a green like that? My tip though if you don't have access to Home Depot, look at the historic color lines in whichever company you choose. The Benjamin Moore color is from their historic color range and it's beautiful. There is something so refreshing about using colors like these than the standard merlot colored living room or sage green bedroom. I've taken risks with both the living room and the guest room and they were the best risks I've taken so far.

OH. I bought that sailor man. My mother thinks I'm ridiculous, but you should see HER collections. Love you mom!!!!
Check out her blog if you haven't already!


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