Trend Thursday: Industrial Pendant Lights

Industrial lights are one of my favorite things. I really enjoy the masculine lines and the nod to school house design. If any of you watch the show Boardwalk Empire all of the sets are full of fixtures like these. Using lights like these can help balance overly girly decor and add a chicness that twisty brassy fixtures can't hold a candle to.

This first one is actually the model we're using in our kitchen. They look fantastic and they're pretty freaking cheap.
I love the galvanized metal on this one. It's appropriately found on a website featuring Barn pendants. It's rugged but modern all at the same time, really hard to do.

This next one has an awesome shape. I love that it's so clean looking with the rusty/aged wiring around the bulb.

Like I said, we're using the first lamp in our kitchen. I think it might be hung tonight actually! I'll post pictures so you can see it in "action".

Okay! Time for homework. Bleck.

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