On the Hunt!

I have another DIY dream. I recently saw this article on designsponge.com. Now I really really want to do something like this! I need new kitchen lighting, preferably on the cheap. Take a look!

It's amazing how a can of spray paint can turn the ugly into something special. Thank you Krylon! Now I just need to find the chandelier.....

P.S- I had to change the URL of my blog due to an unfortunate misspelled word. I can't believe I never noticed it! So change your bookmarks asap!


KarenB said...

How come you had to change the entire url? Did you just want to change it anyway? Very cool chandelier.

KarenB said...

Oh, you should put a link on FB for your new blog address.

Lauren said...

i had to change it because the correct spelling was already taken by someone.


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