Things I Want to Learn and Emily Henderson

My list of house projects is officially a mile long.... Of course I JUST realized that I have no idea how to do most of them. I was blessed with a crafty family, so, while I pride myself in what I do know, I'm almost embarrassed that I'm lacking some of these skills. So here is what I want to learn:

Using my surger
Framing artwork (I have some basic skills, but I mean....basic)
Silk screening
Gardening...(I have a black thumb)
Advanced Upholstery.

That, as of now, is it!
I've taught myself basic upholstery; I can knit and sew; I know how to stretch a canvas, but there is so much more! Hopefully I'll be better at it. On another note, if you followed Design Star at all you know about Emily Henderson. Her blog and sense of writing is always hilarious and she posts the most beautiful photos. Check her out! Her show was picked up for a full season so make sure to program it into your DVR. I'm so excited!

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