Feeling Fall

So tonight we had our first dinner party at the house. It went awesome! We had baked brie for an appetizer, a pot roast with yukon gold potatoes and carrots for dinner, and then an apricot/apple tart for dinner. Delicious.. I'm so full! I also love that I have a friend who will try new wines with me. I took the time tonight to start preparing for fall and adding a bit of Halloween to our decor. If you know me personally you know that I absolutely hate Halloween. I never can come up with a good costume and no one gives me candy anymore!!! So Jeff and I found some new little treasures that we could both agree on. Take a look:

Of course, this is only the beginning. No, I do not plan to string spider webs all over my house (ick), but I want to add some cornhusks, hay bales (outside), more pumpkins, acorns, pine cones and some brown paper covered books maybe. I enjoy fall decor, but I just can't get into spiders, creepy crawlies, witches and skeletons. So this, this is my compromise. All the fall stuff is just getting me itching for Christmas!! I can't wait!


KarenB said...

How did the roast turn out? And the tart? Decorations look great!

KansasMarney said...

Lauren, This is so great! You are doing a wonderful job. Not sure I like the mouse on the table but I guess since it's for Halloween it is appropriate. I'm with you on not liking Halloween. The spider is cute (for the purpose) but it can go too. Jeff obviously had some input. ;0) The dinner sounds awesome and you are having so much fun decorating. I'm going to be getting rid of alot of Christmas deco - do you want to see it before it goes? Of course, it's not ready yet. Let me know.


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