Chalkboard Walls

Today Apartment Therapy ran this article. After finding out about Hudson Chalkboard Paint I am so tempted to do this in my kitchen. I mean it looks so beautiful in these photos.

I guess my dilemma is that I do not want to replicate an over done trend in my home. I also am constantly thinking about the resale factor. Okay, not that we're thinking about moving, but when this is probably the 10 or 11th house I've lived in I just can't help it. My thought on this is, if I kept it the classic slate gray in a lighter gray and white kitchen, it just might work! Who knows. Any thoughts? Would you use chalkboard paint?

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KarenB said...

Yes I would. Plus, it's just paint. Seriously easy to change if you need to sell. Speaking from one who knows. ;-) Which wall would you do this? I'm thinking the one between the doors (the LR wall).


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