Busy Busy Day

So what did you all do for your Labor Day? Hopefully it was full of BBQ and family time. We spent our Labor Day laboring! Here are some photos of things we did. Disclaimer here, some of these projects are halfway done and I'll have to continue posting about their progress.

First we finished our seat covers on our family room fireplace. We needed to cover the wood storage area and create an additional place for someone to sit. There is a matching storage area on the other side which is also covered. It was pretty fun trying to learn basic upholstering.

Next came our dining chairs. We were finally able to start this project since Jeff is no longer working 10000 hours a week. When we took it apart we were pleasantly surprised to find the date of manufacturing. They were built in May of 1963. The exact year our house was built. So these are a few photos of us about halfway through the process. I had to add one of me working so you can see I actually contributed. Really, I have to admit that I'm pretty clumsy and not very good with anything that involves hand tools, so Jeff has helped me quite a bit.

Here's another project that's about halfway through! I bought a lamp at the local Salvo for $6.
This is it before....
And here it is with the first coat of paint.... It will probably be completed tomorrow. I hope.

One last photo, just before I go.. Love the vase, and the pretty sunflowers. Sunflowers are probably my favorite part of Kansas.
Time for bed! Bon soir!

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KarenB said...

Being productive can be fun! Looks like you accomplished a lot. Can't wait to see final pictures.


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