Well, my chairs have needed a little more paint than I expected and the weather has been so craptastic that there is no way any photo of my lamp would turn out well, so here's a little something for your viewing pleasure. (Longest sentence ever award)

Back in the day my Grandfather was really into woodworking. Not only woodworking but he built beautifully detailed dollhouses and birdhouses. Now that he can no longer work in his wood shop he has given Jeff some of his neat tools. Honestly, I barely know what these are for let alone what they're called; I just think they're neat looking. Jeff hopes that he'll also inherit a drill press and a really "hardcore" vice. I'm just hoping he uses them..... (Love you Jeffy!)

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KarenB said...

Yeah for Jeffy! That picture does not look like you. What did you do to the photo?


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