What's Your Style?

Besides making my wallet cry, this house has done something else to me. It makes me wonder about my sense of style, what it is, and if it's even coming together well. Back when I was still doing hair I used to tell clients to collect photos to find what they gravitated towards. Well, it's about time I take my advice! I do believe style does evolve, but here are some of the components to what I think is my sense of style....
First.... Nautical Prep

This photo still incorporates the prep, but it brings in more color. I cannot deny my intense love of yellow, hence why I am currently in an intensive search for a rocking chair like this one.

This one is probably one of my favorites. It involves color as well as a sense of an updated nod to all things vintage. I spend hours in our local Salvation Army searching for lamps I can update and tea cups to turn into sculptures. I believe whole heartedly that the past should always be acknowledged in design. It adds comfort and nostalgia into rooms that can feel overly "done" and cold.

So what is your style? I encourage you to start your own portfolio of photos like I have. It really has helped, though it has not staunched my fears of not being able to pull my home together.

Still to come: My vintage lamp makeover! I'm pretty stoked about this so keep watching.

All photos are borrowed from Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge.

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