My Little Project

I recently started a little project. My mother gave me some fabric and this pattern for my birthday; so I got started a few nights ago making an ottoman!

We picked a green and pink color palette. I love the acidity of the green and, well, my husband is against pink so I bought the pink to use in my office! He doesn't have any say in there.
Here is a photo of the deflated ottoman:

I had to fill it with about 80 ounces of filler. I can't believe how expensive that stuff is getting.It's not even a natural fiber!

All done!

I know exactly what to do with it now.
('scus the pale pale legs. They're genetic)

I think I'm going to work on another sewing project while my stuff is all out. This time it will be a dress pattern I've put off for awhile. I'll post photos of that too just because I feel like it. Anyway, time for some lunch! Have a good day all. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is so nifty!


KarenB said...

It turned out so cute! Love it.


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