Family Room Dilemmas

Our little 1963 bi-level has blessed us with two living room areas. I have kept the upstairs more formal and the downstairs as our "pseudo home theatre". We've been looking at a new tv; maybe one we can mount on our gigantic fireplace. This would be more beneficial first because of the layout of the room, and second it would free up some much needed floor space. Basically, I'm all for Jeff buying a new tv and how many husbands can say that about their wife? So my dilemma now is color. This room is downstairs, and with all of the speakers and equipment I would prefer to keep this room as un-fussy as possible. My first thought is white. White walls and woodwork would simplify the room, especially with the red brick. It would also brighten the space considering it is partly underground with little tiny windows. The issue is Jeff is against white. He believes it cheapens the room. Basically, it's boring. Is that true?
My thought is to add color through paintings, throw pillows and blankets, window treatments. So, I'm not sure how many people read this; but if you do, comment and add your thoughts on white. Is it too plain? Help!


maggie grace said...

white can be amazing if done properly! i love looking at design sponge and apartment therapy for design inspiration and I've seen a lot of great white rooms on both.

also, i think it's fantastic that you have a husband who actually cares about your wall colors ^_^

scribbler said...

White is tricky. Having been a renter for 48 of my 49 years, white makes me cringe a wee bit. However, I LOVE white when the accent colors are bold and beautiful. Perhaps showing Jeff some great white rooms from HGTV.com would help. I'm sure he's thinking exactly what I think immediately - just moved in - just moving out - unfinished, unloved white. I'm sure he'd love it once you've worked your magic on it. :c )


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