Little Red Telephone

I'm being plagued by a color problem. I've noticed that my house is turning into a green/blue/grey soaked nest. There is nothing more that I detest than getting stuck in a rut of any kind. As much as I love those three colors, my house lacks a challenge. It's too easy to pick an overdone color palette and leave it as is. I need to shake it up a bit! So here is my idea, at least for the living room.... red. I'm starting first with a red rotary phone. Maybe not the one pictured above, but a red phone nonetheless. I also think I'll pull in a tiny bit of red on some throw pillows (I'm talking tiny), and maybe a vase or bowl. I hold fast to the rule of threes. Three sources of light, three objects in a grouping, three pops of color! It just looks better that way, I promise. Anyway, time for Design Star. Ciao!

1 comment:

KarenB said...

it's really cute!


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