Playing Catchup

Yes, it's been months since I've last updated.  Yes, that means I'm a slacker.  My sincerest apologies to my family and anyone else who has been waiting for my next update with baited breath.  I really don't have an excuse except for..... I suck.  Yup.

Anyway, things have been pretty busy at our house.  We had our foundation repaired which has led to a myriad of other projects.  Jeff and I joke that by the time we're done with this project all that's left will be replacing the windows.   Our fifty year old house will almost be new.  No joke.   

So here's the low down... Basically they ripped off the walls along the back of the house.

Like so..

Then sealed any cracks with blue rubber stuff and put up giant steel beams.  It's supposed to prevent further leaning/ movement/ damage/ bad things.

 But this meant we basically had to rip out the bathroom and laundry room.  Let's blame it on the drywall, and the previous owners.  

Jeff has fixed more bad electrical, tiled, plumbed, hung drywall, scraped popcorn ceilings, painted rooms, and is now redoing all of the woodwork.  Let's just say that marrying a handyman is probably the smartest thing a person could do.  I'm pretty sure that Jeff is good at everything.  I mean, seriously folks.  

Anyway, it's been crazy but I feel like we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
On that note, I'll leave you with a sneak preview...



Oh Sweet Sweet Friday

Lauren 079
Yeah, that's me in the blue poodle skirt.  I'm only sharing this 'cus I like you.

It's Friday!! 
Well, actually it's currently 11:24 pm on Thursday, but I'm pretty stoked...  Can't you tell?

So, I spend my entire work week thinking about my weekend to-do list.  I get out my little lined notebook, make sure everything is neatly bulleted, and get out my favorite black ink pin.  Then, I put everything into categories.  First there are the errands I have to run, the projects I need to finish, and the food I want to cook.  I already have a list for this weekend, but I have a looming problem..... As soon as the weekend hits I will end up forgetting that that neat little list ever existed.  

That's sort of an issue.

My to-do list has become so insanely long that all I really want is to crumple it into a ball and throw it in the trash.  Apparently I can't do that anymore.  The projects are staring me in the face, and my stock pile of Nutella is becoming dangerously low.  (Oh Heavens!)

I am now going to share my list.. Not to get phone calls from certain relatives (ahem), but as a virtual reminder that I cannot destroy with a match or lighter.

Okay, here we go.

1.  Finish painting my closet doors
2.  Repaint the bookshelf
3. Start curing the pork belly
4. Do laundry
5. Drink a glass of rosé (Hey, something has to be enjoyable.)
6. Read my latest issue of Bon Appétit
7. Clean the coop
8.  Spray paint my big metal B

This list is totally do-able, right?  I purposely didn't make it too large, mostly because...well...I know myself.

Anyway,  I'll let you all know how it goes on Monday.  Expect a new update on Scratch That, including a possible new "Wine of the Week" series.   Oh, and if you haven't started "following" it yet, do it.  I pinky swear that it won't be lame.  I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back either.

So there it is!  Have a great weekend dudes. 
 À bientôt!


Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to the man who taught me everything.
(like the most effective way to blow something up)
I love you. 


Jeff is 30!

My Mister turned thirty yesterday.  We celebrated with pizza, strawberry cake, scotch, and a zombie movie.  We're total grown ups, yah know?


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