About Us


Welcome to our little piece of the internets!

We're just a random couple living in Kansas, attempting to renovate a 1963 bi-level.

Him:  Funny mustache, radio DJ voice, and an all around genius with a caulking gun.
Her:  A wannabe farmer with the uncanny ability to spot a piece of vintage Fiestaware from across the room.

We're pretty awesome.

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My Cookie Kitchen said...

Hey, on your page that has the review of the apple pie in a brown bag, there is a mistake in your coding. a small picture is now filling the entire screen. I think it's Smitten Kitchen's cocktail picture. It's supposed to be a side-bar, but it completely blocks out the article. I am very interested in your article. Let me know when/if you can move the picture out of the way, okay?



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