Oh Sweet Sweet Friday

Lauren 079
Yeah, that's me in the blue poodle skirt.  I'm only sharing this 'cus I like you.

It's Friday!! 
Well, actually it's currently 11:24 pm on Thursday, but I'm pretty stoked...  Can't you tell?

So, I spend my entire work week thinking about my weekend to-do list.  I get out my little lined notebook, make sure everything is neatly bulleted, and get out my favorite black ink pin.  Then, I put everything into categories.  First there are the errands I have to run, the projects I need to finish, and the food I want to cook.  I already have a list for this weekend, but I have a looming problem..... As soon as the weekend hits I will end up forgetting that that neat little list ever existed.  

That's sort of an issue.

My to-do list has become so insanely long that all I really want is to crumple it into a ball and throw it in the trash.  Apparently I can't do that anymore.  The projects are staring me in the face, and my stock pile of Nutella is becoming dangerously low.  (Oh Heavens!)

I am now going to share my list.. Not to get phone calls from certain relatives (ahem), but as a virtual reminder that I cannot destroy with a match or lighter.

Okay, here we go.

1.  Finish painting my closet doors
2.  Repaint the bookshelf
3. Start curing the pork belly
4. Do laundry
5. Drink a glass of rosé (Hey, something has to be enjoyable.)
6. Read my latest issue of Bon Appétit
7. Clean the coop
8.  Spray paint my big metal B

This list is totally do-able, right?  I purposely didn't make it too large, mostly because...well...I know myself.

Anyway,  I'll let you all know how it goes on Monday.  Expect a new update on Scratch That, including a possible new "Wine of the Week" series.   Oh, and if you haven't started "following" it yet, do it.  I pinky swear that it won't be lame.  I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back either.

So there it is!  Have a great weekend dudes. 
 À bientôt!

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KarenB said...

You talking to me? What color are you painting the B?


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