Yeah.. I totally go through phases.  First it's white, then it's yellow, then it's polka dots... Who knows.  Anyway!  We redid the bedroom, and (NEWS FLASH), I'm in lurve.  I thought I'd take you through each step.

It might look subtle at first but don't let your eyes fool you... It's not.

Phase one:  "Former Owner's Leftovers" (aka dirty mauve flat paint, or sick and disgusting)  'Scus the mess.

Phase Two:  Martha Stewart's Opal.  Beautiful color, but honestly, not for us.  It was exactly as the name described it.  The color shifted from gray, to white to blue and then purple.  I guess that's fine, but as a wife, I feel bad making my husband sleep in a baby blue room.  After a year of being unhappy with the results I finally changed it.

Phase Three:  Martha Stewart's Lamb, or white perfection.  It is a warm white with a smidge of green, but not enough to really call it green.  We replaced the curtains with some beautiful Pottery Barn nubby cotton drapes, and then we hung up a bit of art.  Not only does the room feel bigger, but it feels cleaner.  I can't believe what a can of paint can do.

So... that's what's goin' on at our house. 

On a side note.  Please join me in mourning the loss of the Pats to the NY Giants.  I'm shedding a tear or two tonight.   


KarenB said...

It really made a big difference. I also like the new curtains hung higher. It looks bigger and cleaner. So weird. I wish it was easier to pick the right color the first time.

mary jane said...

looks great! the colors pop!


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