Grey v. Gray

Okay, so the siding is on, now comes the hard part.  Color.
We've decided on grey with bright white trim and some black shutters.  The issue is mostly the tone of grey.  I'd rather it not be too blue, or too purple.  Have I mentioned how hard that is to find????  All I can say about redoing this entire house is that I have definitely picked my favorite paint companies.  For color palette I love the Martha Stewart line, Benjamin Moore and Farrow and Ball and for paint formula it's between Behr and Benjamin Moore.  The process of picking out a siding color really surprised me.  I actually like a color from a company that I usually steer clear from, Glidden.

Check out our color options and follow the link.

Option #1: Behr's Anonymous

Option #2: Glidden's Seal Grey
(The Door is Benjamin Moore's Ruby Red and the trim is Behr's Ultra Bright White)

Can I be honest here?? I'm totally leaning towards Glidden's Seal Grey.  It's a hair darker and a hair warmer, a little less purple.  Am I wrong here?

I thought I'd share a few photos of the siding completed.  Yes, we still have to work on the trim up top and replace the gutters, but at least you get the point.



We're extremely please with how this is going and I'm so glad to finally be rid of that awful vinyl.  
In the words of Napoleon Dynamite,  yessssss...


KarenB said...

I like the darker gray too. It's always a guessing game. A darker color will make the house recede more, but the front is wide and can handle it, in my opinion. It mainly depends on how much contrast you want.

Lauren said...

I agree about the guessing game. I'm thinking that there is enough woodwork and the two garage doors that there will be enough white surface to balance. I'm going to look at it again tomorrow in direct sunlight and see what I think.


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