Wait.... It's September?

Google: Woodstock Vermont

So suddenly it's like.... September 8th.  I really have no idea what has happened to the summer.  All I remember is that I graduated from KU and then I got chickens and somewhere in between there I probably sat on my hiney sipping rosé.  Either way, all of those things I promised myself I'd do.... it just didn't happen.  Now that it's September I guess I should probably kick it into high gear.  

Goals For the Fall
Finish the coop
Touch up paint on the outside of the house
Finish Jane Eyre
Sew pillows for downstairs living room
Make some pies, give them away
"Spring clean" my closet and drawers (so I'm a little behind here)
Throw a BBQ or something
Figure out what I'm going to be for halloween, because you're never too old to dress up.

I'm sure I'll think of more.  I can count on it.

p.s: Tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday!
p.s.s:  My 3rd anniversary is comin' up!

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