Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Dad, at the age of two

Today is my Dad's (it's a secret)th Birthday.  To celebrate the occasion I thought I'd share a few photos of him through the years.  
My grandfather with my dad (the oldest boy on the right), Scott and Wes.

My Dad rockin' the harvest gold.

Me, my dad and his hairy 80s legs.

My Dad's photo for his recent (and really amazing) promotion.

A photo from my graduation from KU.  Mom and Dad had just gotten off a plane.

So, a Happy Birthday to my Dad!  I wish I didn't live so far away so I could take you out for a senior citizen discounted pancake at IHOP.  (teehee)

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KarenB said...

So sweet! I just forwarded the link to Daddy. He'll love it.


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