Why I love Thrift Stores


Today I made a little stop to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill. Yeah, yeah, I went yesterday too. So call me an addict. There are worse addictions I could have you know.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite purchases today. First I got this little piece of homemade art for $0.50. There is a small rip in it, but I kind of think it adds to the amateur charm. It's also on canvas board which means I can get away without a frame if I want to. I believe this painting was done around the late 70s though there is not an actual date on it.

thrifty art

Second, I got this little commemorative plate. It goes really awesome in the kitchen. I thought I'd get a plate hanger and start a little collection on the wall of kitschy collectable plates.


I also purchased a few other items including another Ball canning jar and a tea cup saucer I'll use as a bathroom soap dish. All of this I bought for around $3.00. Pretty good huh? Just goes to show you what you can find if you dig a little. I do want to warn you that it is easy to pick up things you don't really need. If you do not know where it would go in your house, or if you have 1,000 glass candle sticks, you might not need another. Clutter is not cute. Keep that piece of advice in mind. I can't say too much though, I'm not the cleanest person I know. (Uhem, I have a giant pile of newspapers next to me because I'm a crossword puzzle junky)

Hope you're having a good Tuesday! Ciao


KarenB said...

I LOVE the painting! 50 cents? So great. The plate is awesome too. Are you going to collect black and white ones or Kansas ones? Is there a plan, yet? Tee hee. This all looks so familiar. Love you!

Lauren said...

It must be in the DNA


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