Tuesday Night Special

Last night I made us a special dinner. Roast chicken with mixed roasted root veggies. It was delicious! This was my first true attempt at cooking more things from scratch and it was totally different. I do have something to admit though. I made box stuffing. Jeff loves it and I was mildly worried he wouldn't like the veggies. Yeah, I should have held strong and made him eat all his veggies or risk not leaving the table, but...... I kind of like box stuffing too. Jeeze. Anyway, I shouldn't have worried because he liked it all, even the turnips.

Please do not judge my food photography skills. First of all, I'd like to blame it on the light bulbs above the stove because they are not the special daylight emulating light bulbs. Secondly I use a point and shoot camera and food photographers have the ability to change their lenses. I do not. Thirdly, well, I'm sure there is some user error in there too.

So here is what was on the menu:

For the chicken I seasoned it inside and out with butter, salt, pepper and tarragon. I also added a few pearl onions in the roaster and set it in the oven for 70 minutes at 375 degrees. Easy peasy.

The mix of root veggies were: turnips, parsnips, carrots and yukon gold potatoes. I seasoned them all separately but roasted them together for the same amount of time as the chicken. The carrots were awesome. I seasoned them with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and rosemary. They tasted like candy, no joke. For the parsnips I used white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and sage. The turnips had red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Lastly I put a few pats of butter, some olive oil, salt and pepper to the yukon gold potatoes. So so so good. Jeff actually ate the turnips.

So, delicious meal, easy to make, great results. Yum.


KarenB said...

I bet it smelled divine! Jeff will eat anything, dearie.

Lauren said...

You'd be surprised mom!

KansasMarney said...

Wow, missy it looks fantastic. You are amazing. What a catch you are for that guy. Keep up the good work. g'ma


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