New Years Resolution #2

Be prepared to roll your eyes. My next resolution is to lose weight. But here is the twist: without dieting. I have come to realize in the last few weeks how awful my eating habits are. I LOVE french fries, I love freshly baked cookies and most of all I love cheese. So this is what I'm thinking, it's time to eat whole foods and eat in moderation. This sort of ties into my first resolution. I am choosing to make dishes from scratch but at the same time make healthier choices.

My first attempt at this is to satisfy my frustratingly loud and obnoxious sweet tooth. How am I doing it? I'm making meringues, which in short only contain egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, salt, vanilla and air. There is not any butter, egg yolks, shortening or anything thing of that nature. I also made them a bit smaller than I normally would have. Hopefully that part doesn't come around to bite me in the butt.

Next I hope to work at this by incorporating broth soups, more veggies and fruits and less carbs and cheese. O.M.Gee cheese. I'm not sure how long that will last, but I'm crossing my fingers. I also have attempted to cut down on my caffeine intake and drink more water. The goal is ten pounds. Hopefully cutting out the fried foods will do that for me. We won't talk about exercise yet, that's a whole different story. Anyway, wish me luck!

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KarenB said...

Sounds like a plan! You don't have to totally cut out cheese, just use it as a garnish and not a main dish. ;-) Love you. I may have to try the meringues. Although, one oreo or a little cup of ff pudding helps me.


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