What's Been Goin' On?

So things have been on a bit of a standstill. I'm honestly sure you could tell by the lack of posting going on here. I'm in the middle of finals and to tell you the truth, I think we're a bit burnt out by having stuff to do all the time. I know, whine whine whine. Anyway. This is what our living room has looked like for the past week.

We have hung a few cabinets, and they look awesome, but we've also been doing touch ups. So here are some photos of them all open and out there. Now you'll be excited to see what brand of dog treats I use.

The white makes it look SO much better. I can't wait to take a few photos during the day for you all. The contrast between the walls and cabinets is just fantastic.

Maybe by Friday we'll have made some serious progress. Maybe.

1 comment:

KarenB said...

Wow, at night your walls look almost black. The white does look SO MUCH better. Milkbone? Yuck. Buddy prefers Iams. Thank you very much.


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