My Unimaginative Title

I have no idea where this photo came from. If you do, leave a comment.

It is thursday night, I have a cup of coffee in my favorite yellow mug and a butternut squash roasting away in the oven. The only thing ruining it is my Anthropology review sheet, oh, and one of the older wires in the house shorted out; we don't have electricity in our bedroom right now. The joys of being a homeowner.

Saturday night we are holding our annual Christmas party. This means that tomorrow is going to be a frenzy of decorating, cleaning and baking. Not necessarily in that order. I hope my camera will be charged up so I can take photos of our decor. I've been knitting garlands for the tree and making pompoms and tissue paper poofs. Tomorrow I'll be putting up the tree, maybe finding some green ribbon to tie, and hopefully finishing up my coffee filter wreath. (The wreath sounds bizarre, but in fact it's amazing.) So, by tomorrow night my house will be festive and Christmassy finally!

Anyway, here's hoping your electricity is on and your finals are over! <3

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KarenB said...

Poor thing! It's always something isn't it? Your party will be fun no matter what gets finished! Maybe we can talk when your crazy week is over. :-)

Love you


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