Just Because I Promised

Admittedly these photos are not that much better, but here you go. Here's our little sparse Christmas tree!

This is a close up of my favorite part of the mantel. I'm honestly not happy with how the rest of it turned out because I had to throw it together in under ten minutes. Oh well!

We did pretty good for decorating this year on a strict budget. Those two rolls of ribbon and the red glass ornaments on the tree are from the thrift store. I probably paid under a dollar for all of it. I also did a lot of couponing from Hobby Lobby and some basic knitting. The red garland on the tree is a knitted project; it took me three days and it stretches across the house. There are a few more projects I'd like to complete but obviously time is ticking!

Happy Wednesday!


KarenB said...

Did you just knit an i-cord? I can't tell. The lights always help and packages. Looks like you have a color palette going!

Lauren said...

Yes, it's an I-Cord

Sarah said...

I love the wall color!!!!


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