Flowers and Birdies!

The last week or so Kansas has been experiencing what was left of the recent Gulf hurricane. Fun stuff. So basically the bugs are out in full force, my tomatoes are HUGGGGEEEE, and I've had outdoor projects just waiting to be completed. I bit the bullet today and planted these two huge bell shaped pots we purchased on clearance recently. So here is the final result!! Actually, I may add a few more white flowers, I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied yet.

Here are our two new birdies! We named them (well Jeff named them) Stu and Pie. I took other photos but they didn't turn out so clearly. OH! It's also so incredibly humid here that your camera lens, as well as your glasses fog up quite severely. You'd think it was the middle of January. Needless to say, these two are way too cute for words.

1 comment:

KarenB said...

Pretty pots! Looks like you checked a couple of things off your list. How is Jeffrey's list coming?


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