I have to make this super quick since I'm on my way to work. Here is my newest project, a table and some chairs! I'm hoping to find 4 more chairs to add to the collection. Yes, my intention is to have mismatched chairs.

I found this entire set for $60! I love me some Salvation Army!

Here's one of my two mid-century chairs!

Soon I will be paining the table white, and the chairs will be reupholstered with this fabric:
I'm planning on painting the kitchen gray so I need to figure out what color the chairs should be. So many options, it just makes my head spin. Hopefully I'll be posting after pictures in the next two weeks. We'll see what time allows me. (Probably not too much. Ha!)


maggie grace said...

those chairs are amazing!

KarenB said...

How about painting the chairs to go with the blue of the fabric and painting the table white? Looks like there will be lots of white in the kitchen, though. Hmmm, Yellow table?

KansasMarney said...

Wonderful! I can't wait to see the 'after' pics. Good Job, Lauren.


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