Where we left off.

About a month ago, my husband and I purchased a "new" home. New for us that is. It is a 1963 bi-level in mid Lawrence. I like to think that a home speaks to you. We looked at a good 30 homes I think, well, it felt like it. This one was one of two that we walked into and I felt like it was literally calling my name. We actually went to an open house here, I loved it and Jeff wanted to keep looking. Six months later it was still up for sale and our house was sold, so we decided to come look again. Here we are!

We have doubled our space and doubled our amenities. We now have a two car garage, two fire places, four bedrooms, three baths; basically we've really upgraded. I love it, he loves it, it's been awesome. Though lately I've felt like I'm reliving that movie The Money Pit. We haven't crashed through the floor yet, but this place is definitely talking to us. It had original door knobs, at least one original light fixture, surprise wiring issues, a rotted deck railing, a bazillion weeds, a leaky garage, a hole in the roof etc etc. Now most of these are fixed and we're starting to decorate. My next few blog updates will start to include before and after shots, including updates on Jeff's newest projects. I hope this proves interesting! Happy reading!

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