This house is approximately 2000 square feet. It is all painted a very cheap quality of flat mauve paint. So!!!! I had to change it. I'll first introduce you to the original look of the master bedroom.

Besides messy it was a weird wall color, the ceiling was nasty and dusty, and the light fixture.... oh the light fixture. So we revamped! In order to balance out the oddly placed window I "faked" a window by mounting a very large set of curtains. Next I painted it Martha Stewart's Opal. It's a very light shade of blue that is almost white, and in certain lighting almost lavender. It's gorgeous and I'm surprised Jeff likes it. I offset this by using a red orange shade which is it's complementary color. We still have some work to do. I'd like to maybe find an area rug, more lighting, some side tables and an additional curtain for the opposite window. I've been searching on Etsy for something that just NEEDS to be included in the room. I must also mention that Jeff did a makeover on the closet. It was pretty rickety before so he installed a new shelving system with...wait for it.. a built in shoe rack! I KNOW!

So here it is!

New bedding, some old found pillows, plenty of wrinkles from the packaging, and a new set of curtains.

Eventually I'll get more angles for some of those who really actually care. Basically this is an audience of one (my mother).

Today I bought a new glass lamp with a cool lamp shade. I love Target when I find something well designed for a third of the price. I'm hoping to hit up Home Goods this next week for some more found treasures. Well, that's it for tonight! It's almost my bedtime. Ciao

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KarenB said...

Can't wait to see! Definitely need some more angles. You're the photographer, you know!


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