Thriftiness and the Home

Since we've moved in it's seemed that our list of projects has grown exponentially. New floors, new wiring, new lamps, new furniture, new roof, etc etc. I'm trying to offset these costs by coming up with creative ways to decorate. So this week I've set a goal for myself: No eating out all week, and no coffee from the coffee shop on campus. Sounds little, but we seriously eat out way too much. I've also become pretty good at digging around for decorating ideas. Etsy is my new addiction (actually it's not that new). Check out my link below and dig around! You can find some pretty amazing things, from handcrafted to vintage finds. Other places I've tried is the thrift store, our local antique mall, and hopefully eventually I can hit up some garage sales. But really, check out Etsy!! It will be true love a first site.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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KarenB said...

I don't see any decorating items in this list. ;-)


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