I'm really excited to announce that I finally own a table! If you know me personally you know that we didn't have room for one in the last house, and that we have yet to buy one for our kitchen. So this is our new patio set! This was our compromise on Jeff's comfy plastic woven seats, and my desire for wrought iron.

I'm really happy with our choice, especially since those chairs rock and spin! I'm trying to figure out a nice flower arrangement I can put on top, hopefully I'll find something awesome. Jeff is hoping to be able to resurface the top of our deck. I'll post before and after photos of that. Maybe even some nice sweaty photos of Jeff while he's at work :).

One more thing...

Can anyone explain my dogs' affinity for hiding under furniture?? This is how they take naps, it's quite hilarious.


KansasMarney said...

Cute! Well, I have a photo of you sleeping under a clothes basket - does that give any clues?

I love your patio set. Be sure you put flowers/plants that are heavy enough to not be bothered by the Kansas winds/weather. Other than that your own decisions are the best.

Lauren said...

maybe sleeping under things is a hereditary preference?? :)


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