Still waiting!

I cannot believe it. We put the offer in on Sunday, contacted them and everything and have not heard a thing. At this point I'm not sure I care anymore, I want him to say no just so we can keep looking! Obviously the dude doesn't want to sell the house, and it's not the place for us. It's hard to believe that though because it just seemed so perfect. I guess what bothers me is the only thing we heard was he didn't like the contingency, and now he's taking his sweet time with the rest of the contract.. At this pace we might not even need to mention a contingency because we'll sell our house!!! I mean, snails pace people. Snails pace.

We're looking at another place tonight. Here's the link

I'm a little concerned that the appliances don't match in the kitchen, and the paint colors are hideous, but paint can be changed. I also am curious to see the storage, because at this point, that was my favorite thing about the other house. We'll see. I'm also kind of over ranches. Dunno, Jeff likes it, so I'll give it a chance.

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