Befores and Afters

Hey dudes!
So, I am just now realizing that I haven't posted a photo of the house since we (I'm sorry ... Jeff ) has painted it.  I suck. 

This is a before photo.  I can't believe how gross the siding looked.
I'm so glad that crap is in the dumpster. 

baruth kids
 This shot is probably the closest thing I have to a photo of the front of the house.  Oops!
Btw: This is me, my lil' sis, and my cousin Andy.  We're pretty cute.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, here is what's been going on at our house.

First off, Jeff knocked down the dang railing.  It was rotty and gross, so it's in the trash.  Jeff also found that the pillars were the only thing holding up the awning, so good thing he figured that out before it came crashing down!  He plans on adding some molding around the new "pillars", which will be nice.

Have I mentioned how great it is to be married to someone so particular / handy? (Well, until I let the house get messy, then it's annoying.)  He has painting the siding by himself, mostly to save money, but jeeze... would anyone else have been this detailed?  I think not!  Our retired carpenter neighbor even came over just to tease Jeff about using an artist's brush on the edging.

By the way, I got fired from helping with the siding.  Turns out, I'm not that into it.
I'm crying on the inside... No really. Phhh..

In other news, my room is slowly coming along.  I inherited my mother's habit of starting a project but not always finishing it in a timely manner.  (Love you Mom!)  Oh well.  I do have to admit that the green color is still scaring me something awful, so I may be changing that.  We'll see.

Hope you're all having a good Monday!
Peace out.


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