Progress, Kinda

Remember "the girls"?  I've been slowly working on their new coop.

(Sorry about the fuzzy photo, I promise they get better after the cut.)

So this is as far as I've gotten.  Before you judge, I have to stand up for myself.

1.  I haven't worked with power tools since shop class in Jr. High.  That's, like, more than 15 years ago.
2.  I've changed my mind a few times on how I'm going to do this.
3.  Yeah, I'm just really slow.


I'm sure Jeff wants me to get rid of this pile of wood soon.  I better hurry up!

So, I hope by the end of this I'll have some super sweet woodworking skills.  Before you know it I'll be renovating a bathroom all by myself!  (Har har har.  A girl can dream, right?)



jaime said...

Good for you!!! I hate that I have to ask my dad to help me will all my projects. (But we don't have any big power tools!) I envy your big yard. Are you going to let them free range? Or are they going to stay in the coop? Our yard is TINY, but I have been wanting to do chickens forever.

KarenB said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I Love the laughter. ;-)

Lauren said...

I'm planning on making them a big run to play in. I'd love for them to free range but my dogs would probably terrorize them! I hope you get to do chickens some day. You'd really love it.


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