Just A Little Facelift

I realized about an hour ago that I never showed you the end product of our front door redo.  Shame on me!  So here is a quickie post all about our latest project.

Here is the before...

And here is the after!
It made a huge difference.  I'm quite sure that all of my neighbors (and maybe my husband) think that I went a little overboard with the red, but I don't mind!  There's isn't any way you can miss our house now.

Oh, please excuse the dead grass.  If you haven't heard Kansas has been sitting at about 110 degrees for the last week or so, nothing green has survived.

Okay, here's what it looks like all together.
Someday, we'll redo the siding, shutters and possibly the rotten logs, but that'll cost quite the pretty penny and right now we're out of those.

Here's my little reading nook.  I love it.



KarenB said...

I love the chairs! You need cute pillows for comfort. The red door makes a huge difference. I love it. Plus, the window has to be gorgeous at night! Great job!

Krystal Dell said...

What color red did you use? I love it.


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