Chicken Dreams

So, I have been begging (BEGGING) for my husband to let me add four chickens to our family. Apparently, the stipulation is that I must build the coop.  I think that this is his way to see if I really want it, or to put off the inevitable because he knows that power tools and I aren't great pals.  Either way, I have been scheming and "planning" how I would set up a home for the chickens.  I've discovered that I gravitate towards two ideas.

#1 The Green Roof:  What I love about these two designs is the multipurpose function of the coop. It's a coop and a little garden, plus the roof can provide insulation and absorb rainwater.  

Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

#2: Color and people sized entrances: This one I love solely for the color of the coop. Also, considering that I am all of 5'9", I'm all for people sized entrances for easy care and clean up.

Source: houzz.com via Lauren on Pinterest

What do you think?  Would you raise chickens?

1 comment:

KarenB said...

I LOVE the first little green roof house. Maybe you could paint it a bright color too. It really doesn't look like you need to go in one and it looks like one you could maybe pull off. I don't think Dad would let me either. He says chickens stink.


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