Birthday Cake Goodness/Recipe Review


What is a birthday without a cake??  Just another boring day I tell yah.

Click this link yo.

This year, Jeff requested only one thing, cream cheese frosting.  Okay, so what cakes go with cream cheese frosting besides red velvet and carrot?  Mmmm, hummingbird cake?  Well, it does but I thought I'd mix it up a bit.  I went with strawberry cake.  Check it out!


The strawberries juiced all over the place.  I guess that's a good thing? I thought it looked kinda messy, but Jeff said he liked it that way.  Whatevs.


I have to pat myself on the back.  It was pretty dang tasty.


So here is what I learned from this experience:
There is a fine art to frosting a cake; a fine art which I have yet to master.  So the moral is, if you see a pretty cake with awesome icing, appreciate it.

I owe my recipes to Sweetapolita.  Check them out!

Strawberry Cake (part of her Neapolitan recipe)


KarenB said...

Commenting from my phone isn't working so well with this new format. The cake looks so great. I can give you a frosting tip next time we talk. Seriously, the cake is fantastic.

Mademoiselle Nicole said...

I want that cake. I mean it. I want it in my mouth now! Yummmm!!!! You will have to make me one for my birthday! Also, I love your blog! Looks like we have a LOT in common!! :-)


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